Should I sell my Oscar?

I got Oscar the other day for 115k with white Kobe ad mids. Should I bin him and cut my losses before he hits 75k when Magic drops?

I’ll prob get Magic and Curry back into my lineup. Curry killed it for me when I had him

Get baron dude

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Really hard to say, if you would want to get him back to play. If he drops to 75K, and you sell for 100K, that’s only a 15K net.

Well if I flip it’s not to get back unless Magic sucks. It’d be to just recoup as much mt before he drops, how much he’ll drop is the big question though. I’m thinking if lebron crashed the market this Magic could break it. Curry’s at bin, Granger prob 175, Klay 200. I should bin him now.

It’s a little hard though cuz he’s a god in gauntlet. I’m maybe like 30-2 since getting him. Lol

@raptorsbenchmob yea I have him I like him but Oscar/Curry did more damage for me

Yeah, it’s a dilemma, because we don’t know how good or how common Magic will be.

But safe MT is on selling for as much as you can get, now.

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I shouldn’t bin should just go 100k bid right? Mine has corner, limitesss, stopper pretty much everything he needs and white Kobe’s.

Make sure it ends before 1. Est. Otherwise he will get lost in the magic of magic lol

I dunno. Seems iffy. Seems there have been Oscars at 100K all night. Think maybe even some with shoes? Sorry, I have looked but didn’t examine add ons very closely.

There’s not much on ps4 maybe 20 Oscars 3-4 with shoes at bin but none with good shoes or fully badged.

I’ll go 4hrs then if he doesn’t sell maybe bin him super early in the morning

When Magic is released Oscar’s price will drop. After 3-4 days Magic’s price will drop and Oscar will rise back to same price range.
I don’t see a reason to sell my Oscar nowadays, after a few 5-6 hof badged PGs released it’s the time.

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That could be true. As Harry said he’s got great animations and can dunk. Better release even though it’s slow. Magic with hofs could be the game changer though.

Has been nice to see Oscar’s value holding pretty steady. Think I saw him down to 85K BIN and just couple minutes ago, more like low to mid 90s.

If he stabilizes today in the 90+ range then I’m glad to have not sold him, as he could get back up to upper 90s.

Hold on to him. He has some stats better than Magic that make him worth keeping.

Definitely keep yours if he’s fully badged, diamond shoe/contract.

Wow, currently only one Oscar at 100K BIN.

Funny how things cycle. Very late last night, there were about a dozen Oscars at BIN, ranging down to low 90’s.

Right now there’s only one at BIN, 100K. And it’s been up for less than 10 minutes.

Looks like one with a Contract+Shoe will get bid past 100K. Not sure what other variations are closing at.

Dude these magic packs are doodoo

I saw an Oscar with diamond contract and diamond orange CP3s for 95k. Almost jumped on it