Should I sell GO Griffin?

I heard something about potential market crash coming on friday. Will prices of OPALs crash too? Should I sell GO Griffin? Is his (and other GOs) price expected to drop significantly in the upcoming weeks? Thanks

The thing I’ve learned about selling and rebuying is that unless your card is likely going to hit BIN soon (I.E. PD KD, PD Paul George, Opal Lonzo) you’re really not going to profit much


But I also learned not to try and predict the market this year either

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prices always crash on Friday. Best day to sell is Tues or Wednesday if there aren’t must have players in the spotlight packs which there usually isnt

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I don’t see his price dropping much because of tomorrow’s content. We’re due for some nice SGs and SFs, not PFs.

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Yeah especially because of the fucking 10% 2k tax

Yeah I thought if some big crash is expected now but I realised that about prices dropping on weekends. But selling GOs every week probably makes you lose even more MT

Totally, feel like they’re gonna add to this “GOAT” collection Kobe is in. Maybe a new Jordan?

For free?

Jordan as a true GOAT deserves a lot better card IMO. His old GO doesn’t make him justice, he should be better than Kobe.

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Mj lebron for sure maybe magic bird kareem etc. Maybe some newer guys like Giannis. This is pretty much an all 99 collection. I do hope 60 HOF badges isn’t a new trend and just an exception. If everyone had 60 HOF badges in June then there’s no difference in any cards

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If they put one more card under a stupid grind wall I swear

The problem with MJ is that his animations are not the greatest. Even if they’ll give him all 99, 60 HOFs card, he will play exactly the same as this one. He needs a completely new player model with brand new sigs - he should be much more explosive and move like a cat, like real MJ. Current animations just don’t give him justice.

And don’t sell Griffin. He doesn’t have any competition in the game right now at pf. He will keep his price.

For GOAT I only see them doing cards for players in that conversation. MJ, Bron, Kareem, Bill Russell, and that’s all that I can think of.

It felt so good selling MJ and Kareem for 700k knowing that I’ll replace them for free with Kobe and Hakeem


Shaq is gone as soon as I get close to Hakeem.


Shaq was almost gone, I couldn’t do it though. Not yet at least

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Should I buy GO Blake? Lol. I’ve heard good things.

No Wilt with a 3pt?