Should I sell everything?

I’m seeing there’s going to be a promo most likely tomorrow should I sell everything and pick back up or no?
Auctionable cards: KAJ(shoe and contract), Magic(shoe), Diamond Lebron(shoe and contract), Diamond AD (PG13s), Diamond Harden(shoe), and big O (shoe)

No promo scares me

That would be tough, everyone selling then no promo

I’m just gonna sell AD and harden I’m gonna sell them after I get the next POM anyways

Yes sell everything 100k BIN. Dm me when you do

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I’ll put my Harden up here in a few min bro. 100k BIN he’s all yours.

I beat you to it bro mine already up

Harden is going for like 80k on XB1. I was just busting his balls for the comment. :joy:

Same here I got him at 100k bin just in case someone wants him that bad. 85k bid. I bought him for 79k tho

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:joy: didn’t see harden or AD in there. My bad, on the real note, I wouldn’t Risk selling even if there’s a promo for tomorrow.

If there below bin then sell, if above, you have the risk of a 100k margin loss

Anything could be announced in a 4 hour window that could manipulate prices


Yeah I figured you were talking about Magic & KAJ. :joy:

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I’m selling everything that’s BIN already bro :+1:

Nice!! I only have cards above bin besides butler/dray and richard jefferson so im going to roll into tomorrow with 500k and pray for one box to get me a decrnt pull for the set lol

Yeah, I’ve got a few of those too. But I’ve got a :gem: Harden & Kyrie selling now & I’ve only got like 80k rn I might be screwed.

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