Should I sell Amy Curry or Amy Harden?

I managed to pulled both in packs but I feel like having both is a bit unnecessary since they both sell for too much or should I just keep both since I’m 160 cards away from the Veteran Card Level

Which is more productive?

I’d probably sell curry

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Id say curry cause harden can play the 1 or 2.

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Curry is killing it for me in The Triple Threat Online but I think I find more use in Harden in the long run

Sell Curry that version of him only has a 89 three


Anyone mind telling my how much amythest Westbrook goes for since I can’t use the auction house

People were saying harden has one of the slowest releases in the game this year though

I’d keep whichever give you more fun, if it’s Curry, keep him.

+5 open 3 if using Kerr :slight_smile: Snag a cheap Under Armor Diamond shoe and its 99 lmfo.

Sell everything of value. It’ll suck but its worth it when u reach diamond market

Personally, I’m not selling until a couple weeks into general release. Will only sell if it’s to free up MT to buy other stuff to flip I think will bring better return.


Sold mine for 34K last night

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Thanks bro

I’m holding what I’ve pulled until late in the week at the earliest. Potentially risky but by then hopefully prices are up as people will have more MT to splash.

I’ve got heaps of good valuable shit to sell, a few Baron Davis, Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Porz, Klay, Dame, a handful of other Ruby’s. Those packs were FIRE the first hour the servers were on… i went like 20 packs straight with nothing lower than an emerald with a bunch of ruby’s and amys. And I’ve pulled Harden and KD from random free packs… Like 4 or 5 times after being in park I went back into MyTeam and had 2 base packs and 2 regular league packs waiting for me. I think they were. Think it’s something to do with the MyTeam pack rewards from levelling up in career. I just received them 5 times and pulled some Amy’s out of them… Hahah