Should I save my tokens?

I can currently get the new PD John Collins but I already have the diamond Aaron Gordon. I was thinking about saving up because Aaron Gordon is good and they can do a lot of the same things but it’s not guaranteed that the first opal in the token market would be good. So what should I do?

If aaron Gordon fits your needs, you’re good. Who’s your center, as I’ve been running collins there with success.

I have George Mikan right now.

nah, get collins. 100% a beast. Give him a defense and speed shoe. His 3pt is so smooth for a big man. And the man has HOF rebound chaser. He is basically dolph schayes with better dunking.
(his defense is very good, don’t let the stats fool you)

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Collins is really better than Mikan ?

they are almost the same. It is based on prefernce.

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Im trash so far with Collins. I was regretting getting him but maybe i just need to get used to him

I use PF and C for post and defense not shoot at 3.
I think Mikan still be best on defense

I’m saving my tokens, Collins looks good but not good enough to use 150 tokens on.


Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking too. Plus I’m not that good at grinding tokens so I’m just going to save up for an opal.

I grabbed him. Pretty smooth so far.


I would save for next season since they are going to release a couple of opals. And last year they were pretty good.

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I guess so. But they weren’t the best. The first 3 opals were Gary Payton, Rick Barry and Bill Russell.

I’m waiting for galaxy opal rewards.

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That Payton was nice

This year it’s very easy to get to the higher tiers for sure. I really like that because I just don’t have the amount of time needed to get the tokens to get the better cards in previous years.

Looks like token market going to be joke again. I still have 2000 tokens in 2k21… in 2k22 i have about 1700 tokens with go ready to be redeemed. But probably it will be trash players as always)