Should I make a playslash or a playsharp


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Play sharp >>

Really depends on your playstyle, but the meta favors play sharp ability to fade & shoot. My play sharp also has 10 defensive badges :smiling_imp:

I’d make a play lock before a play slash, and I would look into a pure sharp PG also — they’re low key broken in the current state of the game

Again depends on how you play, who you will play with, what modes etc

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I like shooting so I guess I’ll go with the playsharp

Shiddddd you basically got a play/sharp/lock

Lmao defensive badges are goated

Play slash because dunks are automatic vs. shooting which is rng. I made a play slash and I posterize centers

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Yep wish the badge glitch wasnt patched i wouldve made a new build with 9 defensive badges

Heard the new one got patched today at 4 pm

Yeah it did. Got patched while i was at work…

Lmk if you start doing badge grinding services…lol

Yea bro, the defensive badges are a bitch to grind on a PG but so worth it

Got 4/10 so far for bronze pickpocket, clamps, intimidator, pick dodger

I’m out here doing drills in between my park games

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Yeah with the brick wall nerf im gonna be running

Gold clamps intimidator pick dodger

Bronze pickpocket has already been a gem for me, I get a lot of on ball picks w 73 stl it’s wild

Even with the unpluckable buff today?

yea i’m ripping often

generally reach after they’ve done a few moves & the ball is directly in front of me

bigs get ripped super easy & one rip is usually gamebreaking in a comp game … def worth bronze, not sure what to silver on my next upgrade though

Watch this and then make your decision.

I got my play slash to 99.

He can really do it all out there.

I have yet to create a player this year. Is there somewhere to see player builds for a play/slash?