Should I make a “ MTO secret tips that youtubers don’t want you to know” video?

Seriously considering making a series out of this, Imm tired of youtubers keeping secrets to themselves. I am a High IQ player that actually knows how to play the game without cheese. I will give you tips on pick and roll defense, how to stop money plays, how to Bronze glitch, vc glitch, etc.
Would anyone be interested in this series? If so where can I post these videos without breaking TOS


While I’m interested I also don’t want that kinda velveeta spread too widely. Be careful with what you send out to the world.


Drop it

Message it to whoever asks, don’t widely make it public.

What about just how to stop pick n roll and Stop money plays videos?


I’m a dumbass my bad I read it wrong

This site is full of elite ballers you ain’t teaching nothing we don’t already know.

How about just earning wins normally?

Update: I’ll just make a thread when I am done saying to PM me for video

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What’s your PSN?

i would appreciate this very much

Nicee, what’s your Youtube channel?

You can get a lot of clout making the video public. 2K really won’t fix any of the glitches you put in the video anyway

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Yeah put it on YouTube and try to make it your best video ever. Try to get straight to the point, but be descriptive about what the video will be showing and keep it interesting. Rack up views and money.

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