Should I lock in the Possessed set?

I have 100k and an Opal LBJ. Should I sell him and buy the Possessed set with a set budget of 500k? I can lock them in and downgrade from Opal to PD LBJ. Carter is a solid card. Harden sucks. Should I save up to get a big card after locking in the set and give it the HOF badges? idk if it would give back the mt I locked in for the set.

I don’t own any of the cards needed to lock in but the badges alone don’t seem to warrant locking in that much MT especially if you have Opal Lebron

Never lock until the last month or two of the game. There will be much better cards and you’ll want that MT to pick those cards up. Never worth it this early.

No don’t do this

It’s not really about the cards. It’s about the badges.

there will be better cards with better badges. Trust me. Those cards hold too much value right now. Worth the mt over the lock. Dark matter cards haven’t even been revealed yet.

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Ok that makes sense. I did see an opal LBJ with HOF clamps and HOF Range for 1.6 million mt, so I thought that I could get him after I lock the set in and give him those badges to resell and make a lot of profit,

You will regret doing it in the future