Should I lock in for Scottie?

I love the Chicago bulls but can someone tell me abt Scottie, all I need is giannis so I was wondering if I could lock him in? Is he any good?

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1 month left of the game. Lock for him if you think you’ll have fun :slight_smile:

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Lock him in and get goat Jordan and thank me later


It’s August man do ur thang I locked long befote and still use him!

I’m gonna get Scottie once a snipe Giannis for 100k

Do you already have the tendency boosted new Kawhi? I would reccomend him for the dopy sf fix instead, unless you are a huge pippen/bulls fan.

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I think he’s great with or without Jordan. I play him at PG though great defender

Alright thanks guys imma go ahead and get him👍🏾
This community is so nice :+1:t5:


Completely goated just a slower jumper. I advise using him at SF over PG

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In defense, how does scottie comparable with the new Kawhi or the Prime kawhi?

I don’t have Kawhi, but i played against him. He’s scary. He gets too many pokes.

Plus, he got 100% perfect defensive tendencies.

Kawhis great, smooth jumper too

if you lock for pip and get new kawhi, the defensive 1-2 of pip and kawhi surrounding giannis is ridiculous

I have the new kawhi and Goat Giannis, its end game btw, totally looking to get a best defensive PG to add in my Squad.

I just want to know how good is the defense of pip compared to Kawhi (since kawhi is my best defender).

Appreciate if you can give a little insight comparison on pip and kawhi.

between the two of them, pip is even onball wise, and is the worse lane defender. still one of the best defenders in the game though

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Appreciate your insights bro. Thanks…
Getting him at the soonest. just exactly what i want to add in my squad.

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