Should I grind out for d wade

Should I or should I just save my mt since there is going to be better point guards out ( I have 430k btw) Thank you guys for your thoughts

depends on the amount xp you have at the moment

I’m level 38

Haha I’m level 34 and was thinking the same thing. So if your hesitant then my ass is done grinding until season 4. I bought the game in the middle of season 3 so I guess I’ll be alright for season 4. I got AI at point and was lucky and pulled Luka so he’s my SG.

i mean depending on your mt situation and the free time you have at your disposal, i def would. D Wade is incredible

I’m in a similar boat as I got the game 3 weeks ago. I hit level 36 today and called it quits. I’d have to play 24/7 and lose a ton of MT renting players to even have a shot. Instead I bought Magic and will finish the grind for PD Baron to be my backup PG. Wade looks great, but he’s not worth losing my sanity when we’re probably getting auctionable opals dropped on our heads in the next few weeks

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Exactly for real u don’t wanna grind any more😂 come either this Friday or next Friday I think we will start to see the game changing( big point guards with crazy stats)

If you are at 38 then just finish it…

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Wow I didn’t think of that one