Should I go for PD token rewards? 1 diamond unlock away

I have around 440k mt and this is what my team looks like. Is it smart to go for PD rewards? I could lock in some sets to unlock one more diamond and then my first PD reward. thoughts?

No. Imo they aren’t worth it for you

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No bro Unless you want to get Wilt or Worthy.

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thanks homies. I’ll hold off from them. I guess I only need sabonis rn?

Yup Sabonis is the Man :innocent:

Yo how good is that tmac? Im trying to spice things up lol

Burst Scorer and Dunking animations
with okay defense

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Best shooter I’ve used this year. I love his release and I get more greens with him than anyone else. His defence isn’t the greatest but at least he has height and length. His dunking goes nuts too. I have foams on him and he’s lights out. Who are you using now?

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I was running dark jersey pg, now im running pd kuz. Tmac so expensive for a diamond tho.

Yeah he’s pricey. I pulled him when he was in packs and plan on using him long term. Diamond klay used to be my guy but diamond tmac’s limitless hof badge feels different.