Should I go for DROB?

I have enough to get him if I sell:


Should I sell them all and finish heatcheck?


The token market is supposed to be updated soon. I would wait for that.

In the next couple weeks it sounds like they may be dropping new, relevant token rewards. I’m not blowing my tokens until they do that.

100% no

What if heatcheck go up because everyone wants the new rewards? Should I still sell out and for Mt and just hold onto tokens?

That’s exactly what you should do.:upside_down_face:

Selling and holding MT this early is (almost) never a bad idea… I understand your question about HC prices after update though… that’s tough.

If you are committed to locking (or think you are), buying them all and waiting for update b4 locking is an option. That way you could weigh options.

You have 4 guys that could feasibly average 20ppg, will Drob average 80ppg for you? Hell will he even average 40ppg for you? There’s your answer

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I also have 3 out of those 4 and I’ve been trying to figure out when to sell. But honestly… my 95 Giannis w/ a shoe plays way above the 100k MT he is going for right now. I can’t get an OP card like that for 100k and I think he’s gonna be usable even when PD Giannis inevitably comes out.

Giannis plays like trash on triple threat.

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I have blake and can pick up davis later. IF I had D rob it would fix that problem as well. Giannis sucks for me, he doesnt move fast in any direction. I have a decent lineup of reward cards.

I’ve seen a few streamers dog Robinson with Muresan.


Hell no. I locked only 3 current and 2 heat check teams, and I’m 230 TToff games away from him. No card is worth locking in millions of mt, especially when you can fairly easy grind those tokens. Timmy and AD are great and they can fill the spot until you get him.

Muresan dogs everyone tho lmao

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DRob is relevant. Best Center in the game.


I wouldn’t gut my team and lock up all my MT for one player. DRob is great and best center I’ve played with all year, but I would still rather have good to great players in my other spots. If you have spare MT, he’s definitely a luxury worth having. But otherwise, save your MT

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Mureshan cant move draymond))

Yes, I agree. I wasn’t clear. I am assuming that he hasn’t locked in all of the required PDs yet to get to the Opal rewards. A lot of the Diamond and PD rewards aren’t currently relevant and I am thinking that they will drop better/relevant diamond and PD rewards.

I wouldn’t sacrifice that much for just 1 card