Should I get Penny Hardaway?

I’m 50 tokens away. When will the new opal awards come?

Pump the breaks


Nah wait, new token rewards should come in January although you never know with this company

I don’t want to wait until then. I think I’il take it

D. Rob’s better.

i bought it before

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GOs in order

  1. D-Rob
  2. Hill
  3. Save your tokens

Ben Simmons will kill and clamp Penny, I’ve killed Penny with Baron Davis, its a 750 token defensive liability. Unless Penny is your favorite player I’d wait, people who have him regretted it after Rose came out.


Grant Hill is nice btw. Only thing that sucks are his dribble animations but he is the perfect 3&D player. Penny is great offensively but a liability on defense. Always that small chance 2K bother to update his badges and give him clamps tho, then he’ll be nice af I think.

Penny is one of my favorite players, and this card is definitely good.

Yeah he’s pretty easy to blow by, so game plan accordingly.

His offensive, IMO is far superior to Bens. Can obviously shoot much better, although not as well as a Rose because his shot is slower. Getting QuickDraw when they updated was a huge help.

I also get quite a few steals with him on people that spam dribbles in his face, so that certainly helps. He is much better off the ball set to deny though. Length and interceptor make him good at those kinda steals.

Super fun card. Was my second pick behind DRob of course, but I’m currently grinding TTO at a crazy rate (110 tokens in about 3 hours somehow) and he certainly helps with that.

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What about his dribbling? He can do cheesy behind the backs (both standing and moving)

if you are on PC end, then yes redeem Penny now, if not, better wait until 10 Jan at least