Should I get Kiki or Iggy?

Heres the team,

I want to have a really good defensive identity but I’m worried I won’t have many ‘elite’ shooters with a high 3 point and smooth jump shot, I know Iggy and Oscar are good shooters but both releases are quite slow and I struggle to make lightly contested 3’s with Oscar.

So who do you think would be better to get? I’m liking the defensive backcourt of Iggy and Oscar but I feel Kiki would allow me to have that one sniper to run plays for etc… Thoughts?

Iggy for defense

Kiki for offense

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I haven’t used either but I’ve seen a good amount of gameplay for each of them and if I were you I would take Kiki but that’s just me

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Ok, ok, I’ll do it.
:notes:Kiki do you love me :notes:

I couldn’t hit with Kiki. Most of my makes came from how good he is as opposed to my timing. Him,melo, granger always a no for me.

This is my current line up, very very switchable

And I really enjoy Kiki and Iggy lol


I would say between the two kiki is more likely to hold value for much longer


That is one of the better lineups I’ve seen…and I’m jealous lol

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Iggy all the way. hell hold value much longer and be able to run with the better cards coming out. way more versatile player. if you can get his shot down its daggers.

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