Should I get goat MJ tomorrow?

He’s always been a couple million and now that he’s cheap is he worth getting? I was looking on 2kdb and he’s got 98 on ball steal and pro 3 btb which is awesome but is he worth getting at this point in the game?

If MJ is one of your favorite players why not cop him for the low?

He’s not. I was born in 2005


Some will say no, I’ve had him for a while and i say yes…it’s MJ lol.

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Honestly I’d wait for GOAT KD. He’ll be a SG. MJ is only 6’6 and KD will be a 6’10 SG with the same maxed out stats but will have better tendencies as well.


I already have oop kd locked in

Gotcha I didn’t know lol. He’s still a great card but there are better options. The new Kawhi is waves ahead of him imo

Good to know. Thanks

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Yes even I am getting him tomm just because I like Jordan cards

Kawhi is better with pretty much the same stats plus maxed out defensive tendencies.

The new NBA Is Back Kawhi that is.

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Is he better than goat TMAC?

Naw bro, waves is a reach. He’s not even ahead of him. If you know how to use MJ he shuts down shit on both sides of the floor effortlessly.

Tmac is overrated imo but if you pick a Tmac up the glitched one is literally a goat

Everyone has preferences but 99% of people will take Kawhi every day of the week

Kawhi is better than MJ lmao

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Get him tomorrow. If packs are guaranteed he will be 200k or a buy now. I’d imagine every card will be like last year where goat cards were buy nows

I run both cards lol, Kawhi has 62 badges and MJ has 66 with Scottie on the floor. Plus MJ has better sigs and animations. Kawhi is a great card but he’s not better than MJ.

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Ray Base and Pro 8… Kawhi is also tendo glitched and has better defense than Jordan

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Mj does not have a tween like Kawhi’s and Kawhi damn near has better animations than goat mj… but it’s all preference so I won’t argue anymore :+1:

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I have both MJ and Kawhi and MJ is better. Kawhi is a nice cone tho

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