Should i cop the Kobe 6 protro grinch?

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You have too


How much are they?

250 for the new ones

Stimulus money is coming anyways

1000 for the originals from 2010 lmao

i could buy the 2010 Grinch and still have 1k lmao

lmao fuck mitch mcconnell 600 is barely anything

Hard to get at retail unless u got a plug

100% yes

The Kobe 6 was such a good basketball shoe. I only used mine indoors, but that thing lasted longer than any shoe I can remember.
I wish those weren’t 175 retail, not gonna pay that if I can get 96% of that for around 80 with Adidas on sale regularly.

He did that so that it went to a vote. He wants the defense spending bill that Trump vetoed to go thru.

I’m grateful for whatever we get. Ill get the unemployment boost till March and then whatever the stimulus is

lol fr tho

Where are you finding these for $250?


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in my size they’re 455 lmao

You should buy now only going to go up.

Might as well just wait for the reps to come out before paying that price.