Should i close for Camby?

not only for the card himself, also 2300 XP points are on him

Definitely not. Don’t lock any sets.

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Only if you have more MT than you might ever need. Camby doesn´t seem great and there will be plenty of chances to get more XP.

Hell no

when all you says NO, i suppose that i should sell Ray Allen when i closes his agenda…

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are you planning on locking in all the sets for JR smith, have you already unlocked detleff and josh smith?

the only reason for locking camby is jr smith

really not

only i closed for billups because always like him.
no other collections closed

ya i wouldnt lock then, sell ray allen in the next few days before friday unless u wanna keep him

yeah, there will be a market crash on friday, idols is very due

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If you really want to lock, just do it when superpack drops. Sell now an buy back when superpack drop, usually you still have time to do Camby’s challenge

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Im not locking anything before the NBA season restarts.

Personally I only lock later when I’ll be less upset that I don’t have MT for the next set.

im a poor man and i closed for Camby (aka Samurai Camby in spain by Andrés Montes)

personally is not good as Cowens on the offensive end, but his defense interior D is awesome, better than Dikembe by a mile.

i played a lot on Limited this weekend and lock down every opp center, except when faced against Kevin Love (yap, he was opened on 3pt line)

but others he is quick to close baskets cuts, and weakside helper.
amazing rebound and intimidator
im thinking to put a diamond contract on him…

only my thoughts.

Better D than Dikembe by a mile?? What? I have both him and Camby and I couldn’t disagree more. Camby was one of my favorite college players growing up, but I’m in shambles locking for him.

Dikembe has:

-3 inches taller and 4 inches longer wingspan
-higher block stat and WAY higher block tendency
-higher interior D stat (barely)
-higher speed
-much higher vertical

Camby has:
-HOF Intimidator vs. Gold Intimidator for Dikembe

What am I missing?

hi dave

it was only my experience. years ago i was checking every day stats and badges from cards, but for now im try to use the cards and see what can give me.

what i see from Camby man that i miss from Dikembe (that is a great card of course)
capacity to jump-block (pogostick- intimidator)
success block-shot or contest
better on dribbling defense and much better on passing lanes; also can move opponent from the post
i think he is a better rebounder that are away from his box-out

only my opinion of course.

I hear you. And I certainly agree with using the players and deciding for yourself. I had used Camby a fair amount and wasn’t impressed, but I gave him another shot last night and he was better. Not as good as Dikembe for me, but better. I even experimented running them together as “Twin Towers”. Not sure how smart it was but it was fun. If your opponent is mostly a rim-runner, they’re screwed!

i like to pair him with Cowens or LarryJ.
its funny!

I have camby, and will still pick Dikembe anytime of the day

I just use Artis Gilmore from the Dom grind and Shut all that shit down. Hard to do anything with that beast in the paint