Should I buy madden or RD2?

Looking for a new game to play I like RPG games and sports games. Can someone give me some suggestions?

I just recently got rdr2, and have had a lot of fun. It has an amazing story mode.

Rdr2 story hands down best i’ve played in a long time

Red Dead. Madden will be free on ea access (if you have it) after the superbowl

How much is EA Access?

Is the standard version good enough or is it too much work to progress?


I just do the 30$ a year

AC > RD2. Don’t @ me

RDR2 is bomb. However, was anyone else disappointed by the online mode?

Standard version

Don’t bother with Madden

Madden is dead, rdr2 has years of life left.

Give it time to grow and evolve.

Special edition is same price with Ps plus so I’m going with that one thanks guys

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Yeah I gave it a try and it just pissed me off