Should I Buy 2K19?

Do you guys recommend buying 2k19? I had 2k18 last year and pretty much only played myteam and I would only play myteam in 2k19. Is this year’s game mode better than the last year’s? Or would I just be wasting my time.

No. It’s terrible.

Honest opinion it’s way better than last year if you are good at sim ball and defense, if not and you whine and get frustrated easily then it will be a struggle. The game is far from perfect but when you can get stuff clicking it’s fun. People saying it terrible are either ass or having a bad run

Check for a blackfriday sale

You wont be able to compete starting now. But if ur playing for a bit of fun and with friends then yeah, When i go up against guys with their free agent card playing and couple rubys, i feel sorry for them when they see my tto team come up lol

You can compete you just need to grind before you try to go 12-0 there’s a bunch of emeralds that can get you through dom, if you have a team of ruby and Amy’s you should be good

Yeah alot of effort would have to go into it to be competitive thats for sure. If i was to start now i would have no chance unless i was willing to spend big on pack drops.

I’d say it’s mostly because we are already at that middle point in myteam where everything’s is expensive but towards December Amy’s for 10 to 15k and diamonds and PDs for BIN will happen more often

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