Should i add siakam in my lineup

this is my current team

I also have pd clyde, griffin, wade, and west brook.

I also have diamond Drobinson, hAkeem, and big z. are any of these worst replacing in my starting lineup, and is Siakam worth getting to replace my current power fowards ?

Better fix that title buddy lol

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When your autocorrect goes from add to ass. You must write that alot lol

omfg just realized that LOL how do i fix title. nm fixed it

Now ur symbol makes sense LOL

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any advice

Fuck alonzo. Get siakam lol

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what about my bench cards. Out of all my cards who should i aim for n who should i replace

I would atleast put jamison as starting 4 or pirzingis

Nah. Thats siakams spot :wink:


well my issue when i play kp as starter i feel like my bench is week. thats why i put kp at the bench. Is d robinson worth using over alonzo.

Your not listening :wink: u run siakam instead of mourning.
Be a great switch lineup if u. Did. U need floor stretching that mourning cant give u.
I guess d rob is a good option. But that pd pascal should drop eventually


I want Kuzma but hes 2 expensive still for the good 1 and i dont think the old pd kuzma is worth it

SIAKAM !!! ADD siakam

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How much is pascal going for?

on pc a good amount

I got mine for 230 naked. But he should go down at some point

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wait til hes BIN

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