Should HOU rest CP3 until game 7?

Maybe CP3 is fine by Saturday, but I think that HOU should let this one go. Of course they will try and win game 6, but like I heard on TNT, they might just already be thinking about wining game 7 at home

Even if CP3 is healthy by Saturday, I think they should rest him for game 6, hoping for a better game 7 performance

Nah, I say they test him out during game 6 and if he sucks pull him.

I thought that too, but say they “test” him out

KD and others are going to go at CP3 knowing he’s injured, and probably injure him more “by accident”

If he tweaked his hammy he wont be playing game 6. Even a minor pull on a hammy is TERRIBLE to walk with. Let alone run up the court or jump. Starts and stops. Risk tearing it too. If anything they just hope to god james can shoot the ball game 6. Tbh all they did was iso anyways. Whether it is chris or james its just a matter of someone getting hot. Itll.have to be james game 6

lol. You have a chance to close out GS why would you risk it going to seven. Sadly tho it doesnt look good for cp3. A hamstring injury is pretty serious stuff

The whole point of the HOU seaosn was to make it a 3 game series

People from within the HOU organization have implied it, pretty much said it

They knew they weren’t going to sweep GS, obviously we all knew that

That’s why they wanted home court advatange, to make it a 3 game series down stretch

Maybe he can pull something off like he did in that Game 7 vs the Spurs

100% should get rested. He probably won’t even be ready for game 6, fingers crossed he is fit come game 7