Should Ben Wallace be in the Hall of Fame?

It was those idiots that hurled a beer at artest that started it

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Single digit points and boards, sorry no way

The accolades are nice but the overall impact is questionable

I know basketball has the lowest bar for HOF compared to baseball and football but still, this isn’t enough

It’s a cruel punishment, but that altercation really damaged the league’s public image during the time. Unfortunately, Wallace “started” the conflict; thus, being seen by the league as the catalyst that started it all.

No. Artest started it

No question

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Yeah that’s why I used the air quotes, Ron and that fan started the brawl, but Wallace’s image is forever connected to that event.

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Damn, imagine punishing someone because they would win games 75-70 instead of winning 123-120.

I understand offense is flashy and more appealing to the human eye, but holy crap, do we consider Nash unworthy of the HOF because he sucked on D? We consider Curry a top 3 PG of all time even though he’s about as good defensively as Wallace was offensively.

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Idk, Curry is average at defense, and Wallace was well below average on o

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How does he not get in with his accolades? I understand the career averages aren’t cute or anything but he was a major piece on a championship team

I won’t name the player, but should this career be in the HOF?


If Yao is a HOFer, then Dwight is a sure fire lock to make it.


Shout-out Tyson Chandler. Similar breed

So I guess Rudy Gobert is on his way to the hall too ?

Gobert is nowhere even close to Wallace’s league.

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Josh Smith?

Dwight Howard.

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But he has 3 DPOYs :rofl::rofl:

i think its dwight howard. better offensively worse defensively (very slightly) ben wallace

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