Should 2k penalize for CPU D?

I know last year madden would give a penalty for ball hawking but me and my friend were talking about it. Like it could be similar to a 3 second violation but not for switching back and forth just for those that literally sit on a player with the defensive settings adjusted to smother, extend pressure, etc. Just wanted to hear you guys thoughts on it

Answer is simple…nerf CPU on ball defense. Sometimes it is literally not possible to dribble passed a CPU defender…even a bad one. Even if the user is a dribble king.


So I agree and disagree here. You can def dribble past them butttt you cant dribble past them if your guys fatigue is all the way down, thats where people get in trouble. They get their guy clamped his stamina is depleted and thats when the off ball CPU steals come into play. Its too easy for a CPU defender to get your guys stamina depleted and then steal if that makes sense


Nope thats spot on. If you fail with your first attempt to dribble by them you are screwed.

But also the CPU D seems to have 99 strength and HOF bruiser which causes the fatigue


But I knew that was the simple answer but guys will still off ball even if they nerf CPU D I was just trying to see if people thought this would increase the actually user interaction because I always feel if I wanted to play the CPU I would have played domination.

I want to chime in but I know I would get murdered lol

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Off ball D should be able to blow by like last years 2k18. Or buff on ball D since they nerfed it from the start of the year.

MJ is pretty good at getting to the rim against off ball defenders.

i think they should. i know we have guys here who “claim” to be guarding the play off the ball but thats a cop out man. youre literally just allowing the game to play an entire phase of the game for you. i actually had a new idea. if you play someone who up and decides that he doesnt want to play any defense. fine, allow the user to quit the game and the ai plays for you or you can choose to go into coach mode. So now your entire team plays as an AI against that user. as a guy who plays offense and defense i dont have choice to let the ai take jumpers and layups for me. if you cant guard on the ball and arent working on your stick skills to guard the ball then you are clearly at an advantage. so i think it would be fair that we can quit the match and the ai plays the rest of the game or watch the match in coach mode ( making adjustments to the offense and making substituitions) and the AI controls your team for you.


We still talking about this?

Lol thats a hilarious lowkey shot at off ballers.

Let them play in coach mode and make adjustments hahahahaha.


This. Personally I don’t mind off ball because PnP wrecks it but trying to get past slow defenders when I make a great move shouldn’t drain half my stamina just because they barely touch me as I go by


In a way youre getting penalized for offballin by getting a lot of reach in fouls - even if youre onballin and another CPU defender is around :thinking:

I would have no problem with them bringing back 2k18 Blow byes for off balling defenders as bad as last year’s blow byes were I think it would really make players think twice about off balling all game

Delete CPU steals, because one can’t be rewarded with a steal when sitting off ball. Also, bring back 2K18 blow bys for when one defender is controlled by CPU.

Can’t wait to watch the 250K tournament where all of the players will offball in the corner, they will have to find a solution

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I don’t think it’s hard at all to get past a cpu defender. At the beginning of the year yes but now there are way too many op cards in the game.

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Interesting. I don’t care much because I don’t think of triggering my offense with dribble penetration. I use play actions and posting up more as my staples.