Shot timing!

Shot timing!

I left 2k for about 3 months! I have come back and cannot hit a single shot. Wtf is going on. Was something patched. I’m going games shooting consistently under 30% 2-17 3pt FG. I can only assume my timing is trash :confused:

Any help?

Try with the shot meter turned off.


I have the same (online and offline) on PC. I tourn shot meter on, because i feel like shoot in oil. I’ll try to reinstall.

The latency on the servers has been terrible for the past month or two. Its worse since more people are home on the game.


Makes sense

I have problems also in offline mode. I have less than 1mm on shot bar and i miss even if i shoot in freelance mode or shoot free from defenders. My opals plays like rookies and i have problems to win with CPU on superstar level. I didn’t have these problems until now.

Could be a different setting on your TV (unless you are on a monitor) my timing was never good until my TV had an update and now I shoot well. I always just used to read the complaints on here and think shooting was broken but after the update its been great

I have monitor. Nearly a month ago everything was ok.
When the problems appeared, I thought it was the gamepad’s fault, I replaced it with a new one and the same thing happens.

TV update?


How would that impact my shooting though

I think it reduced input lag

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Same thing happened to me. Took me about a week no lie to get dribbling and shot timing back

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I changed the ps4 network settings to manual. It seems to have helped my connection a bit