Shot meter on or off?

What do you all prefer?

I am currently testing out playing with the shot meter off, as I heard through the grapevine (hey Marvin Gaye) that playing with the meter off can give you shot percentage boosts, but it requires abit more skill to master each release etc.

Let me know! I’m interested to see how you all choose to play MyTeam, and what preferences you all have!

I like it Off but I can use it on. Not too much of a difference.

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I’m positive that I read Mike Wang tweet about it once, saying that playing with the shot meter off is basically advantageous but comes at a greater learning curve. Or I may be wrong!

I can’t play with the shot meter on, been using jump shot timing since the 80s.

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Shot meter is delayed while playing online.
You can adjust to the delay, or use no meter which isn’t delayed and easier when you learn the release point.


Off with no green shit underneath either. Keep it lookin real


See, that’s what has kinda made me try no meter. I have played so much offline with the meter on that I am struggling to adjust properly. So maybe having the off might benefit me online? Who knows!

Go to freestyle and take few minutes to learn each of the players releases. It will come naturally after a while, you’ll understand the release point very quick.

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Appreciate the advice and feedback guys :pray: Just tryna use the time I have off work productively to try and improve here on 2K.


I think it’s slightly lates that never ever go in with meter on imo. That may be a delay people are talking about.

Oh yeah, there’s definitely a latency issue when playing online. I can consistently green shots offline, but struggle like hell to get them greened in TTO. :joy:

Been messing with aiming + timing with no meter

It’s pretty fun tbh

Online: no meter
Offline: meter on

Nextgen, def off. I was using meter on current.

Off no matter what. Even though I feel like dudes hit more whites with the meter on(next gen)

bigger green window for no meter so that is the way

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current gen, next gen, any gen = OFF

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This is what I’d read somewhere, about meter off giving you a bigger green window!

Meter off, hate the meter

Also off but I’m strucling with the timing when I do fades or hook shots. When I do jump shoots I let the button of on the highest point of the jumper but in fades and hooks it’s different.

Hope it does make sense what I have written :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: