Shot meter by hands or feet?

Which one is better?

It’s preference, I like hands more

none imo




No meter.




Like @StoutBaker said, it’s definitely preference. If I had to choose between the two it would be by the hands. I’ve tired both at one point. I would start looking at their feet right before I would start the shot. I found that having the shot meter at the feet would limit my field of vision some because I was looking downwards. This resulted in me missing guys that were open or an opponent closing in.

If you want to try using no meter shoot around a little without the meter. Start off by using guys you are comfortable with their shot and doing a couple offline games. You need to look at either their hands, elbows, or feet for a reference of when to release it. Soon it will be muscle memory.

I used to use no meter but I’m going back to meter by hands. Maybe I’ll go back to no meter eventually but I feel like meter helps me time some slower shots. Do you still think it’s easier to green without meter?

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I think its easier to green with no meter. But then i miss a ton more free throws and layups. So i went back to meter by hands. But like everyone said its preference but i like what @AWWelker said.


I normally use no meter but if I had to I’d prefer it by the feet.

Both was better

2K Labs did a study and found that the results came out to a 5% boost to the shooters make and green percentage without using a meter. It’s not a huge advantage but I see it as you want every advantage you can get. Ultimately it’s what you are comfortable and confident using.


No metter give a boost (5-10% on ms green window)
Metter give a little chance to make a white shot.

In 3x3 or my player mode i used not metter on 5vs5 i use metter specially for free throws

If you’re not greening non stop you’re using no metter for no reason and setting yourself for a huge L.


I can’t do the no meter. I need it for post shots and off balance shots. I could catch n shoot with my eyes closed but the harder shots I feel naked without the meter.

The no matter works for top comp but everyone here saw that shit out there and felt comp themselfs :joy:

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I just started using no meter yesterday and I’ve been greening every shot non stop

Internet is to flaky here, I need a meter to guage the amount of lag on offense


feet is more accurate…it will never show a full bar

this is exactly what makes no meter so difficult - i’m usually turning meter on or off depending on how bad the lag is

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