Shot Contest Update Ruined the Game

Why tf am I Heavily Contested with Hedo against a Mark price who doesn’t even have his hand up, 3 feet away…

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Lmao and it starts


So price is getting contests? I’m buying him back tonight


He still a buck?

Hedo must be playing point then. Badges be working for once lol

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Because Hedo didn’t consistently pull up in people’s air space off of some saucy dribble combo in real life. He shot mostly open shots, a lot of which were catch and shoot.


Fuck hedo


Men Hedo stay the same :joy:
Crazy animations And quick release , people have to create space to shot and it’s easy for players like Hedo

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Hedo still the GOAT

My last game with him

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But now short players can defend

I don’t know , I finish to see badplug video and still the same , it’s worse for small guards they have more contested shot with players only looking to the jumpshot

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They should do something about this inches of difference , to find a way to people can really use small guards everytime

This is going to be reverted soon. Cheesers are coming out of their mancaves complaining like its riot worthy :weary:

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Ppl complaining about this like it shouldnt be contested lol


Im not a cheeser , I think this will not allow people to use smaller guards anymore , and now everyone will abuse in the post of smaller guards , and use even more base 11

In my opinion this should be heavily contested

Im not directing the comment to you. I think u have a good understanding of the game. But twitter is going crazy over it.

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I think guys who set up open shots should be rewarded vs guys who just shoots over everyone. You guys may not agree but I respect everyone’s opinion.


No this is a W the cheesers in disguise are revealing themselves