Shot contest rating on the perimeter

Anybody care about it?

Would it decrease the success rate of opponents contested shots or would it allow you to be a further distance away and still contest a shot?

It does both.

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You got any proof? I feel like it plays a really slim chance on your oppenent making or missing the shot. Especially if they’re using the OP out of position cards.

I disagree with you dth424…shot contests are night and day vs open shots.

I just didn’t know what the rating did.

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Just based on my game experience, I miss a ton of open shots. But I also take alot of open shots, so that may be why I feel like that. Alot of the times if I see my opponent wide open I don’t waste the energy to go contest the shot because it’s most likely a miss compared to when I defending a opponent and they’re taking and making contested shots.

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