Why is it so hard to shoot. Feel like 90% of my wide open shots don’t go in. Anyone else feel like that? Is it my cards or my release?

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I seem to b shooting pretty good considering im using saph n rubies. My issue is layups. I thought last year was bad. Lol im kickin out everytime. I can’t make a layup to save my life

I’m shooting pretty good %'s so far, maybe try taking your main scorers into freestyle and just getting thier releases down pat.

Shooting aint that bad

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Do you use the right stick?

Yea i do. I sometimes use square. But mostly using the right stick.

Yeah so I have found euro-steps to be extremely effective this year. Especially with a pump fake. Once you start using the right stick for directional animations I feel like layups can be very effective. The timing is def unique but once you get it down hopefully you have more luck driving to the hoop.

layups seem so much eaiser for me this year im playing rookie but still seems alot better then last year

im struggling with open shots right now. but i think its just user error. certain times im money with Baron Davis. then after awhile i can make any. im gonna give it some more time and get in the lab.

So is it a consensus that the right stick is way better for shooting this year?

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I don’t feel like I have issues shooting. Online or offline, through about 4 games of each.

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man…good point , I’m in the same boat as the other guy but can’t find freestyle

I’ve always found right stick to be beneficial to layups. Especially with certain animation packages + acrobatic badges, the right stick is always the way to go. The shooting button gives you randomized animations while right stick helps you choose directional moves.

It’s on the single player tab, the same one as dom just in the bottom corner