Am I the only person struggling with shooting on next gen?

It’s just a matter of getting used to new releases and new release points.

On current I watched my players arms/hands and on next gen I look at their bodies. Hard to explain what I mean but when you get the timing down you won’t miss. The green windows are huge.

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Yea it’s a real adjustment with the animations. It will take time again. This is pretty much a brand new game.

I am shooting 46% contested greens nearly every game, it’s kinda crazy.

I can’t buy a basket.

Get Klay, Ray, Pierce. Try using pure shooters and see how it goes.

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I’m pulling up from half court with confidence. I feel like Lillard lol

Also…Streams back day 1 of Season 3 :eyes:


Shot logo moving green contested 40% with Ray Allen other day, pure shooters are crazy like that on next Gen.

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Stay tuned :joy:

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I guess I have to get used to it.


Most sus streamer of all time, gone like a blurr :rofl:

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Yep. I’m doing challenges etc on current Gen. Struggling with PS5

Green window is far bigger on next Gen, but whitting shots is far harder on next Gen as well. You just have to find your green spots with shooters you know you can make shots and then you can constantly shoot even hardest contested shots, oh and Timmy D is also crazy like that on next Gen.

my next gen coming real soon so that seems like the wave :triumph:. time to get in our bag and get busy

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