Shooting w/o the shot meter

Shooting without the shot meter is def the way to go this year. I just played a game of my team unlimited where I faced off against the opponent that was so good, he may be the best player I played against. He had his shot meter turned off and he shot 70-80% from 3. A lot of those were open shots (good job me) but he hit soooo many greens. It must have been around 10-15. And he had his shot meter turned off but he was timing them perfectly.

Turning off the shot meter is the way to go this year but you have to memorize the releases. I tried it myself but I dont have enough time to practise so turning off the shot meter was actually worse for me. But otherwise its great because you dont depend so much on the algorhytm and its the best way to counter the full white glitch imo.


Been doing this every year on 2K, even once they introduced the shot meter. I can understand how people have trouble memorizing 10+ players releases but once you get used to it you won’t go back.


Just try to release the shoot button on the peak of the jump

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Shooting seems to be the easiest it’s been since 2k15 patch 4.

I play with the meter on, and still shot 15/19 in a game last night. The most greens I’ve seen in years. Paul George is shooting 90% from three for me through seven games and he doesn’t even have any HOF shooting badges.

Feels like they’ve overcompensated for the issues we were having with shooting at launch.

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Everyone I play now has the meter on and they’re greening. They fucked up shooting or dropped too many op shooting cards.

Yeah, this year i feel the algorhytm on the shot meter goes against you and that the game doesnt let you green too many shots. But this guy yesterday was lights out.

The biggest problem for me is i dont play a lot so when I lose, i tend to rage and then i change the whole team but now i have to learn 5-7 more releases :joy:

With the Qualifier this weekend, I’m expecting them to nerf shooting again. I like the shooting to be decent at least though, to break zones.

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Turning off the shot meter gives you a boost to greens, yes. They tweeted that out at launch, and 2klabs confirmed the % boosts.

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I went from shooting 30-40 percent to shooting 60 or so percent from 3 without meter. I only really shoot with 6 guys on my team so memorizing 6 shots isn’t that bad. I green so much more often now.

Can you see if your opponent has the meter off or not?

Can ytd I play unlimited the player have meter while shoot

Yes you should be able to. Most people do shoot with meter on

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I’ve never looked at the meter anyway except for freethrows. But this year when it’s on I tend to shoot better than went it’s off – I guess when it’s off you have to green or it’s more than likely a miss, and I just don’t get a lot of greens…

That said, yesterday I went 0/9 from 3 with it on, still won…lol.

Is there a penalty for shot feedback on or off !?

Feedback no.

No penalty for shot meter on. There’s just a bonus for turning it off.

Also not sure what people are saying about less full whites with the meter off. That’s not how that works.

My first 2K was 2K11 where you had no meter… The meter for me is just a distraction, last year when I finally got rid of it I started shooting way better. I am glad they give us a boost this year too


Yeah same, I finally turned it off for good last year, after going back and forth for years.

Got used to it those last few months of 2k19, so it was a nice surprise to hear you got a bonus for it this year.

Even if there was no bonus though, shooting without the meter is better. It may take some time to learn and get used to. But you WILL shoot better without meter vs with it. Animation visual que timings are not affected by input lag, and the meter is. The meter is completely unreliable online. Even if you get the input lag down, it still varies by server/game mode.

Also, if you play real life basketball like I do it’s very easy to get the release point, it’s almost at the top of the jump when the player is about to follow through with their wrist


I played ball last monday for the first time in 4 years, and was sore all week.

Getting in shape for my wedding next year, and it’s been a slow return to the gym the last couple of weeks.

But man… there’s nothing I missed more, than just shooting around alone, working on my mechanics, and seeing incremental improvments.

By the end of trying to get my shot mechanics back (just shot free throws for like 30 mins) everything started to feel right again, and hearing that perfect “swish” sound will forever be my favorite sound in the world.

Getting all your body parts doing the right thing and just feeling it all “click” is the best feeling. I missed it so much. Can’t wait til I actually get some stamina back and can play regularly again.

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Am I too stoned? How can I not find anywhere to turn it off in settings?