Shooting Struggles

I am struggling to time my shots. Did they change the shooting? I get full white bars and still miss wide open shots.

I noticed when we played your girlbert missed multiple wide open shots is that what’s you’re referencing

Best advice I can give for shooting is to track the ball before you shoot and follow through. Personally, the meter hurts me more than it helps so I don’t use one

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I think I might need to turn the meter off. I miss a lot of open shots.

Try to practice your shot timing in tto

I shoot good I tto. I struggle in MTU. I don’t know what to do.

its better to be early than late. Thats all i can really say since i dont have much else to go off of

Okay. I will try that

TTO and MTU have different sliders. easier to hit shots on TTO.

When i watch the guys feet when he shoots i make it A LOT more personally

Watching elbows help too

The better you are at TTO and games won, the more EQ. I have a hard time getting anything to fall in TTO unless I let my game lose a bunch. The EQ goes away and I almost forget about it until it comes back.

I feel once I am done with this game, my life will get better and I won’t get frustrated like I have.

I mean whatever works for u right ? I notice a huge difference because the meter is delayed and not always consistent it feels like

Hence why I don’t rely on it. Just wish they’d let me use it for it’s. Magic and Blake’s ft with no meter is kinda rough :sweat_smile: