Shooting lag?

I swear every few game I play I’ll start shooting and the shot meter will go all the way up and all the way down even if I release the button way before.

The thing is NOTHING ELSE LAGS like if I do a dribble move it’ll respond fast.

How can I fix this it’s frustrating losing games when you have a wide open 3 and the shot meter decides not to listen to you

Bro I’ve been going through the same thing. I’m perfectly fine on Park but every MTU game I’m hella delayed. It sucks

Happens few and far between for me but it’s so fucking bad when it happens

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It’s been happening in TTO :frowning:

it’s been happening to me frequently

Any ideas on how to stop it?

Usually calling a timeout and pausing the game does the trick for me

This happened in my first game vs Awanz. So I’m not crazy lol

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Can be caused by using a different controller apparently.

I only have one controller