Shooting just got patched

Shooting just got patched

Updates across all systems. 100% shooting just got patched. I’m not bricking when I’m open anymore


Fucking finally

today is a good day

Literally just sniped a Kristaps

Tracy hit everything wide open even from deep in my last MTU game and for the first time in idk how long I finished with the W and didn’t get the game doesn’t count error code. We’re lit boys


any confirmation?

I can’t even play getting a server error.

Can confirm Ruby Ray Allen just became the best card rn, dude is beaming everything


Are you sure?

Yeah it’s not patched gotta be fake news ruby klay missing wide open mids

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I’m fuckin positive boys. Tracy was possessed my last game

I dunno what we’re talking about but it’s been confirmed

Maybe it’s Tracy bro had a guy hit like 8 bombs with him last night. All of them contested af

Listen to Steve Harvey. He doesn’t make mistakes


dame lillard was hitting shots from logo on unlimited and triple threat, play now even consistently for me

gonna test it out some more before i go to bed to make sure its not just luck

Maybe theres more chance of hitting shots when less ppl on the servers :joy:

I’m in another game. Also watching HTBs stream. What more can I say lmao. HTB banging everything as well

I just got hit with the update on xbox. I was playing 2 hours ago and it just came up

When did it drop cuz Bird was laying bricks about 30mins ago

It definitely feels better.