Shooting consistency

I played a dude last night already in amy league, and smoked him by 54 points. I scored 112 points in a game of super sweat and every open shot went in. Now mind you, RWB, KD, Harden, kobe, paul George, and granger all have 99 open shot three but my team always seems to miss wide open shots every game and I can never get a win that I feel like I should. Anyone else have these games?

2K works in mysterious ways?

Sometimes the rubber band bends your way.

Crazy how one game I miss 70% of my wide open shots, and the next game I don’t miss one

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I seem to miss more than I make, which is sad because I really only shoot wide-open shots.

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Tbh I’m kinda iffy about the shot meter because sometimes I get full bar and wide open shot, but I also have a feeling that I know the shot animation didn’t fully complete. So even if it reads a good shot, I know based on how many times I’ve shot with a certain player how good the shot actually was. Not sure if that makes any sense… But basically even though the shot meter says good shot, I trust the feel of the shot even more. And that’s all dependent on the animation of the players shot.

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