Shoes That Change Magic’s Takeover

What are your experiences with putting certain shoes on Magic and how/if they change his takeover?

Whatever the highest attribute is will be the takeovers

I have white Kobe AD Mid’s and it’s playmaker/lockdown but I’ve seen someone have playmaker/slasher.

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This magic’s ability to strip steal is off the charts. Card is literally not fair lol

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Hell yes he is the best stealing card I’ve used in this game… Better than Iggy

I have the white Kobe and dantoni, shows as 99 playmaker/lockdown take over

And will hit the occasional 3 if left open (believe open 3 is in the 90s

I just logged on made a ridiculous bid on a Klay (hope i get outbid), posted an Iggy (pg for last 2 weeks), and a large bid on a Magic.

How is he compared to last years PD. If hes near as good, he should be pretty unfair this early. He was going for about 3 mil when he dropped last year. Kind of goes with the whole meta that drops every tier a notch. Diamonds went for like 300k

PDs werent even cheap until the Baron/Rewards crash

He’s definitely way better this year. They changed his player model so he feels way more fast and nimble. And aside form that, his post scoring and defense really show with the way gameplay is this year.


That’s what I was trying to figure out. I put a silver post shoe on him but he just goes to slasher

This year’s magic is better than last year’s

Way more nimble, better defensive mobility and steal ability, combine that with passing and scoring in the paint… Hes a beast


I’m debating whether or not to risk it and slap the black Adidas all star on him to see if he gets post takeover. Has anyone else tried this yet?

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I think someone here runs Adidas on theirs can’t remember who

Does the boost to his 3 make a big difference? And have you already put shooting badges on him?

I put DRD, and that’s it for shooting. That boost and Kerr gives him a 94 open 3, but I won’t be shooting many with him unless he’s wide open. I’ll live in the post with him with his 98 hook and 89 post fade.

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What about slasher? What shoe changes his defense to slasher?

Actually anybody know what his takeover is with the grey Jordan 12s?

Same hook animation?

Same as IRL? No, just like the basic hook shot animation but still OP

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Honestly it’s way better to keep Playmaking/
Lockdown for him. Defense makes him absolutely impossible for guards and forwards to score on him, and he can steal the ball pretty much everytime


He plays better, looks better and had much better price.

At this point of the game, he feels much OP than his PD on last Eastern’s.

Defense, ball control,post play and most noticeable speed/quickness all improve.

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His takeover seems alg as it is I’m not the best with the playmaker one though. But which shoes change him to slasher? Want to avoid it I love the defense one. But I want to put the white Jordan’s on him and dont think I’ll be able too.