Shoes for Opal Demar

Shoes for Opal Demar

Anyone have any ideas for a shoe for Demar? My lack of attributes are block and Speed w Ball. Is there a shoe that has blocks and speed with ball. I couldn’t find one.

I’d go the blue PG4. Speed with ball to 97, perimeter d to 97, dunk to 99. How is Demar by the way? Thinking of redeeming.

Maybe it’s because it’s the first day, but he has been insane for me. I mean RJ Barret was insane the first week, but was phased out of my lineup quickly. I do have a lack SG, I only had Glen Rice, so it made sense for me. If you are on PS4 I will give my login and you can try him out.


Just wanted to say you are amazing for always offering your account for people to try cards. First-class 2kg member.

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I was a big fan of the PD so I’ll get him when I earn 150 more tokens

Thanks for that. At the end of the day it’s just a game, but it stings when you buy a a card based on a Youtuber advice. My account is always open to any of our trusted members here on 2KG

Think I’m going with the Reeboks. Malone boosts basically everything he already needs besides SWB

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Foams are good. Boosts to rebounding and strength help against PFs playing SF.

I went Kobe 13’s

Steal to 95
Speed w/ Ball to 97
Defensive Consistency to 98

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foams. Strength is one of the most noticeable attr increases

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I went with foams, run lots of tto and rebounds are always a must