Shoes for Opal Bol Bol?

Shoes for Opal Bol Bol?

The 7-2 Demon is 25 minutes away from flooding Unlimited.

I grabbed a pair of those Diamond Jordan’s that boost bc/swb/dunk just in case they go up.

I run Malone so he gets a Speed and Permiter D boosts the other boosts aren’t necessary. I could also go Stotts for the ball control.

He has a lot of room for improvement but I feel maximizing his bc/swb is key. What are you guys thinking as far as shoe/coach combo?

Okay he’s home and moving ridiculous with Malone and a cheap gold swb/bc shoe.

I have to see what he feels like with Stotts and 90 bc instead of 86.

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Fear of god ?


Diamond Lillards best shoe for bigs that can move the ball


Somebody said they changed his takeover with green blue Adidas (3pt speed) to sharp if I m not mistaken ?

This a tough call between speed, swb, bc and 3pt

I slapped the green Adidas on him for post fade, 3, and speed. I put the same shoe on Kareem and Tacko as well.

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Who’s your coach / takeover?

Malone and rim Protector for Bol Bol. I haven’t had a chance to check Tacko yet.

I’m giving him fear of gods w coach malone


Jordan 31. Boosts ball handle, driving dunk and swb

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Pink Adidas shell toes with D’Antoni give Bol sharp takeover. They make his shooting absolutely insane for a 7’2” card, and they also bring his ball control to the 86 threshold for speed boosting glory.


Fear of gods and dantoni gives him rim takeover kinda lame lol

Malone hurting me with this rim protector takeover. Might be time to switch to make a change to stotts👀

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I’m bad at knowing the coaches. Will Pink Adidas and Stotts give me sharp takeover?

I hate overwriting shoes but… :slight_smile:

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is nick nurse diamond a good coach what takeover does he give ?

What takeovers yall having with Stotts?

I’m not sure… I’ve only tried out D’Antoni.

It’s the wise choice here lol.