Shoes for Oden

Best shoes for him? I run Dantoni

Purple Kyries or white PG’s. Depends if u want 97 speed or 88 3 ball. Or want to spend 12-15k or 40-50k

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Thanks bro

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I put the Kyries bc his release is easy buckets. I’m shooting 83% from 3 in a small sample size (6 games) with no 3 ball shoe. The 97 speed is sick, only thing I recognized that was a little off was his reaction time. He gets beat off the dribble by Giannis or Blake, so I moved Wilt to PF & Oden to C

Pink Adidas or white Kobes give him post/glass takeover which is way better than glass/rim which I think he gets normally.


Just like Hakeem… that 78 3ball can splash greens


And Yao as well, pretty money.

With kerr what takeovers we getting with white kobe vs foams!!!

With Kerr, naked or foams/PGs is Rim Protector/Glass Cleaner

I use D’Antoni and slapped white Kobes on mine… he gets glass/post takeover. The open 3 boost is nice, of course, but the acceleration boost is insane.

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Glass rim is so underrated Imho
Because every shot contest under the rim makes him hot. Even when it falls…
So, get 2 boards and 2 shot contests and you’re in takeover mode

Accel boost? Is he your point god

Anyone get post scorer with Oden and a defensive coach?

Wasted like 40 K trying different shoes attempting to get post scorer with defensive coach. Anyone?

Does anybody know what Oden is with foams and Dantoni?

Rim glass
And perfect for me. I need a strong rebounding defender inside. And the occasional 3.

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currently got oden with pink adidas and casey. post takeover works wonders and usually finishes either 1-2 or 2-3 from three

Haha no, but 90 acceleration on a 7 footer is soooo nice.

Does oden get the 3pt boost from dantoni?


88 open 3 with shoe and dantoni