Shoes for GO PG13 and PD Granger?

Thinking Pink Adidas for PG13:
SWB 91->96
PFADE 90->95
MIDCONT 97->99
VISION 80->85
STEAL 98->99

And Jordan XXXIs for Danny:
PASSPER 80->85/BLOCK 60->65 (LOW)
VISION 62->67
SWB 89->94
STLYP 96->99

That mid moving stat on Granger will get changed. So I’m not sure about trying to boost moving mid.

Definitely pink adidas for pg yeah. Granger is kinda based on your coach choice. Obviously not any major offensive changes need to be made on him.

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Already good. It’s a 97 on the card.


I just realized this PG isn’t Nike anymore.

I put Air Jordan XXXI Blacks on Granger. Boosts his Lat Quick to 99, boosts his pass so he can be a great PG/ball handler, boosts mid open (not too important), and boosts his speed with ball

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