Shoe wish list (real life, not diamond Kobe AD Mid)

Just ordered the grey zebra yeezy boost 350’s that Ive been wanting for a year.

Always wanted a pair of Concord 11 J’s but dont think I can pull them off.

Whats your shoe wishes?

How much them gray zebras?

You buy them resale?

Them Greek freak 1s

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Always needed a pair of concord’s in my life.

I’m at the point in my life where I can afford them, but also at the same point where I realize I have more.important things to spend money on

Like 2k.

JK lol


Adidas N3xt L3v3l. I hate laces.

My little brother knows a guy that can find whatever you want. I told him find me a pair for 200 or less in a 13 that were legit. So…we’ll see. Cant pick them up till next wk. So my bad on ordered like online lol…ordered by phone and promised delivery.

Only shoe that I truly want before I die is a pair of OG 1984 black toe Jordan 1s…

Those the real highs.

I got like 60 pairs of Jordan 1’s

Fear 5s
Miro 7s

My favorite pairs I own are Year of the Rabbit 7s, Raging Bull 5s and BHM 3s

bruh i got soooooo many shoes but i want me a pair of either of undftd 5s, bape dame 4s, or 700 mauves

fragment 1s :sob::sob::sob:

I would absolutely love these, but they’re only making 10 for celebrity fans.

If you’re gonna play ball in them, get cheap af Adidas Ilation 1 for blacktop/streetball. Awesome grips. Maybe 30 bucks.

Had a pair of some fancy kind of Jordans before and shredded them maybe second time playing.

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Lebron 15’s. Them mf are so comfy. Great traction too. Been wearing them outside ans balling in them since last august. Still have great traction

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Kobe IX Christmas

Want to buy those new Vans Era shoes, just cant find them in my size anywhere

You check stockx?

Always wanted these: AJ IV toro bravo

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Haha definitely not Kobe AD Mid.

I picked up a pair of these with a unique colorway from the nike employee store but they are so uncomfortable they live in my closet now.

Best shoe in the game and worst shoe in real life.

Dont know the page. Is it reliable?