Shoe on GO Jordan?

Shoe on GO Jordan?

Which would be the best?

I´ve used Air Foamposite One Weatherman


What is jordan takeover without shoes?

Yeah I went with them aswell, boost to strength and rebounding are good


sharp, as I let opponent gets that in TTO :rofl: :rofl:

He got both lock takeover without shoe
While using diantoni and malone

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What coach ? balanced coach one?
Edit: nvm i had tested it and its kerr

I put the weather foams on him and with over 80 strength, he bullies broy and tmac in the post. Lol

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Nike weathermans but it feels criminal not to put Jordan’s on him haha

Also with Malone and this shoe he gets shot creator takeover


I put jordan shoe with spw bc and dunk
And i got slashing takeover with diantoni or malone

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I came here to type this exact same message lol


Naw foams are cool, I heard he was a big Penny fan.


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Which takeover is better… sharp or slasher?

Got Opal MJ and for the first time I can’t see an obvious place to look at for shoe improvements. What did everyone else use?

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He doesnt need a shoe. In fact a shoe would make him worse because theres not alot of good diamond retro shoes, he would look dumb wearing anything else lol

SC is the best takeover this year.

I have better shoes but went with the black Jordans because it just felt right. They give +3 to SWB, dunk and something else I’m spacing on.

From my experiences this year, I don’t think Sharp even really works.

Lock is the answer :lock:

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I’m trying to get Lock w/Malone.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2014