Shoe for POTM Rudy GAY?

I am thinking about the foam. What you guys think?

something with swb bc he feels like a monster with 99

Damn y’all got him already?

using in freestyle with accurate card

Man , praying for Malone and worthy in the rewards xD

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Oh ok makes sense

hes such an odd card going down the court. hes so big and hes a guard so u expect his speed to scale with that so when it doesnt its really disappointing but then you actually watch him run and you realize hes giannis levels fast. also those dribbles :drooling_face:

That card it’s really the player I need until the end , hoping for the best

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interesting. stats wise definitely foams look the best. will wait on ur new rudy to see what to put on

how much of a difference is swb 97 vs 99?

what coach are u running? and I’m guessing u get a sharp takeover?

not too much but i think its noticeable. only thing i wanted to improve anyways

d’antoni and yes

I threw the neon kobes on him for the flex :joy::joy::joy: