Shoe + for Ja

What would be good shoe boosts for this beast!?

I would say since his interior is actually super boosted for someone his size, I would look to +4 block to bring it to 79, then maybe interior up to 79, , maybe speed with ball maxed out and lateral quickness , the last boost is up to you but I wouldn’t boost his three ball because with any coach its at 97-98 so no point wasting a boost there imo

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If you’re coach boosts speed and 3pt then you should be good there. Max out SwB, then I would look at Driving dunk, Ball Handle or Acceleration. Other good options might be Lat Quickness or Interior D

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Ball handle on Jaja ? Lol why ? It’s already at 92 and 95 with FG, just a waste literally…same with 3ball, it’s already at 94 I think , and basically at 99 with any coach and FG, those are good boosts in general but not for Jaja…also there are only 2 coaches that boost speed, it’s pace n space and 7 seconds , pace and space gives 2 totally useless boosts , shot IQ and defensive awareness or some nonsense like that , dude just posted a chart today on all the coach boosts for all the players , so if you wanna boost speed your only real option is 7 seconds and there are only 2 coaches that have that style outside of emerald Phil Jackson and those 2 are ruby Allan Iverson and Ruby Nate Archibald I believe , correct me if I’m wrong

interior defense and block, mabey stamina since he runs.