Shoe for Glen Rice and a Defensive coach

So, Glen Rice’s Ball handle of 88, do u think that it definately needs to be upgraded?
I am really confused of what shoe to put him on as i am using a def. coach.
I was thinking the AIR JORDAN XXX1 (spd/ball, ball handle and driving dunk)
Or the D Lillard3 with (ball handle, spd/ball, pass accuracy, steal), Pro Bounce (ball handle, spd/ball, driving layup, verical def.rebound)

If a +3 ball handle doesnt make a huge impact then i can put him a Hyperdunk (speed/ball, drvdunk, vertical, foul, mid)

I am confused i dunno…what u guys think? any good suggestions?
As i said i am using him as a SG and i have a def. coach (popovich)

Pg4, the blue one. Looks like a water shoe.

The new Pg4

as i said i am using Popovich so the PG4 doesnt make any difference from the simple AIR Jordan XXX1, cause the other stats that PG4 are boosting, are boosted from my coach anyways

but the main question is if the 88 ball control is the most essential attribute to boost…

Pg4 and Dantoni gives 95 speed wball and ball handle, 93 dunk and 97 perimeter d

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100% yes.

He doesn’t move the same with 88 as he does with the shoe. I use Malone so hes at a 99 ball handle with shoe/coach/floor general and 95 swb. He moves like a madman.

I know you use a defensive coach so it will be different but he needs the ball handle boost badly imo.

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the reebok shoe

I use Malone as well and I don’t have him just yet. what shoe is best with malone as coach for rice? lowest stats on him? what could use a boost?

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I have Rice and Malone. I put the Blue PG shoes and his dribbling went stupid

I have like 8 pairs of those blue pg 4s , when should I sell lol… people gonna be getting rice all weekend

If I use Stotts what shoe should I use?

thanks man. really appreciate it. So i decided to put him the Air Jordan’s XXX1.

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How you guys got him this early? I can not beat the sweat the first week

It might be frowned upon I’m not sure but I did the method where you use 2 good cards then bronzes. Really easy and only took me 2 hours

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Il try that with dray and odom

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