Shoe and badges for kuzzzy?

What are y’all thinking?

Red kyries

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Might go black Nike

I agree

Up that swb and d consistency

Might be a new TTO player for me depending on his animations

Let me know how you like him @hoosiertailgate !

That contested or moving 3 can’t remember


How much you get him for

waiting until he settles tn

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i put red kyries on and limess and hes a tank

Even I know not to buy this card until Monday.

Eh I’m gonna enjoy being off and using him this weekend. Small premium to pay.

Do you think his price will rise or fall once he’s out of packs?

No clue homie

Everything goes down. Doesn’t matter if he’s out of packs. They’ll put out that AD eventually and I’m sure that’ll tank his price.

Is open 3 or cont 3 better for him? I’m using kerr btw, so he wont get an open three boost from the coach

@isuckat2k1999 @Juicy_J_8787

Packs must have been lit. He’s gonna be bin TN. Already 100k bid.

I pulled 100k Mt and didn’t get anything but Wiggins haha