Sharp Take for Bailey Howell

Anybody know what shoes get sharp take on Bailey? Been playing with him, and his release is fire. Only gets glass cleaner for some reason. Frank Vogel is my coach

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It took me forever to figure out that you were talking about Bailey Howell :joy:.

But anyways, If you’re talking about sharpshooting takeover, only one I know about is shooting grinches

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I use Mike D’Antoni and he gets sharp. Haven’t even put a shoe on him yet.


How many boards until you got him?

It took me one full one to get him. 9-1. Final board one the first ball drop.

Dang, I don’t really wanna shell out all that MT for some shoes. Hopefully I can get it with other shoes

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I just know this guy would be a goat SG , and I can’t use him because he just plays the 3/4
2k is ass

He’s killer for me at the 3 in TTO. Plus, he fits in perfectly to my Celtics Theme Team.

The man played power forward in NBA. Regardless, should’ve been PF/SG I agree

That criteria don’t work when no one is playing on their position on this mode since the Renaissance :sweat_smile:
Just make online rewards usable , him af the 2 would be super fine for fun and competitive players ! A nice online reward , and a guard ! We have some many SF/ PF
They just lazy


It’s not lazy but I totally agree that we have too many SF/PF cards. Sadly he wasn’t a SG in his day and 2K is actually being pretty realistic with positions (at least in comparison to this time last year)

He’s got a similar build to Havlicek, and yet he doesn’t get to be a SG :frowning_face:

So is just dumb ?
Wo , of course , specially Webber :rofl:

Ah yes Webber was totally a PG :joy:

And Joakim Noah brought the ball up for the Bulls every time :laughing:. Derrick Rose grabbed all the boards


LMAOOOO. I love 2K


I have sharp take with Vogel and the 3pt Jordan black and white shoes I think they might be bhm

I just got Howell tonight. Man is insane, I put puma uproars on him and he has sharp take. His release is also my myplayer release so that works out nice lol.


Loved his amy card back in September

We lacking in top tier SGs… way too many elite SF/PF… if only they made Howell and Larry Johnson both rewards SG eligible… would be a perfect situation