Sharp/Shot or Sharp/Slash?

Which do you like better? I’m curious…I kind of think slash would be cooler to trigger some sweet dunks, but shot might me more useful in MTU?

Sharp shot best takeover in the game


I like slash just cause it makes you a double threat and it’s really fun to dunk with.


why though? I havent been converted to sharp shot, i love sharp slash

Sharp shot boosts all your shots, and shot creator still boosts layup and dunk, since their off dribble shots

Christian Laettner is better than AD.

It depends on the player’s stats, player’s model, and the animation…


Shot creator itself is like a combination of both, but not as good as both imo.

Using players that have sharp along with another takeover vs sharp/shot I feel like the jumpers are even more automatic with sharp/shot.

Sharp / Playmaker, best way to kill offballers. Break their player ankles and let it fly while they lying on the floor

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What dribble animation do you have the best results with in regards to getting the ankle break animation…I like sharp playmaker too because the takeover meter fills faster.

Any momentum combo is an ankle killer in playmaker takeover. Also, half spins or R2 snatchbacks fragmentize foot bones as well


I don’t usually have much luck breaking ankles with the momentum dribbles.

I drop the CPU all the time. Don’t just momentum cross, go momentum cross into between the legs/snatch/spin

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Fragmentize lol ima start using that

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And I’m not even English mother tongue mate haha :joy:


I usually go with the momentum snatch back to the momentum behind the back…had the most luck with that.

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Yes, these two work wonders. Magic for me is the best ankle breaker, sadly he can’t shoot in their face after dropping them haha

I know haha I love Magic so much but that jumper sucks so bad. He would be the most enjoyable card to use in the game if they just cheesed up his jumper…I mean why not at this point?

At all costs, avoid the slashing shart