Shaq Shoe?

What shoe are others leaning towards? Thinking of him at Center and Yao at the 4

I run him at the 4 but have the line up flexibility to easily put him at the 5 in certain situations.

I went with the Jordan bc/swb/driving dunk shoe might change it but loving how he moves.


Fear of Gods. +Speed + Mid Range.


white Adidas for sure


I think those are all solid suggestions, but I ended up going with the Lillard’s. They boost ball handle, pass accuracy, mid-range, SWB and steal.


Feels like PG Shaq from last year, MT just got fun again. Magic - Shaq - Yao tto lineups all day


This plus bc, block, and defensive consistency boost. Best shoe for him imo.


Fear of god is the move

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fear of god for sure…

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Ok y’all, so the question I have is:

Speed or speed with ball?

At first I thought the obvious choice was speed (Fear of God) but I’ve been thinking about how much of a beast he is in transition, and when he gets the ball the swb kicks in, so…

Better to try and balance out the speed and swb?
Or just go all in on the regular speed since his swb is already better than other bigs?


With dantoni and the white adidas he gets slasher takeover which is killer for those transition buckets and basically makes him unstoppable going to the rim


Yeah thats why I didnt go with the FOG kicks. I run Malone (+4 Speed) so he’s already at 88 speed. Thats fast enough for me.

The swb shoe takes him to a 79 swb. No coach boosts swb on centers. To get the most out of him I think swb is a must.


Oh my…thats what Im looking for with Malone but the shoe I have only gives him glass. Good thing is hes in takeover all the time since he snags boards at will.

But sheesh Slasher is what I want.

Good call. I think Ill upgrade to this since I keep Bc/swb and get a middy boost.

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I run Malone as well. Would love to know of any shoes that might give Slasher or Rim Protector. If anyone has any luck please share. Thanks!

Does anyone know what shoe gives him slasher takeover with Terry Stotts?

Wanna throw shoes on mine but that means not seeing the Reebok’s on the feet for +3 stats the Dames are the only ones making me consider tho

Well the high Jordan’s wouldn’t look to bad on feet


Laaaaawd have mercy!!!

This is what I was hoping to see!! I was dissapointed that his default was Glass Cleaner like damn… that’s what every center not named Kareem has lol. I thought for sure it would be Post TO.

But White Adidas gives slasher you say… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Yeah its probably the most fun thing in the game

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Fear of God and Lillards do not give Shaq slasher take over with Terry Stotts as coach. Has anyone who uses starts put the pink Adidas on him? Does it give him slasher takeover? I am going to slap a cheap pair of the Jordans that do ball control speed with ball and dunk on him when I get home later to check the takeover.