Shaq said he's the second best Laker center all time behind Kareem

And Wilt was third. I don’t think I agree with that but Wilt is no longer with us and Kareem doesn’t debate who was better so I guess Shaq can rank himself 2nd all time if it makes him feel good.

I think Wilt’s best years weren’t with the Lakers, Shaq showing some deference to Kareem is awfully respectable. #2 seems right, though if I’m picking a Center I’d take Shaq.


Totally agree. Shaq’s years with the Lakers were special and Kareem was kinda old at that point. I put him at #1.

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Kareem joined the lakers mid 70s, played most his career there and won 5 chips with them I think, Shaq is spot on with this take


Nice to see such reverence/humility from Shaq, no doubt.

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Laker Wilt isn’t on Shaq level. This isn’t an argument

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I don’t care about the objective order. Shaq is my personal favorite.


Super non-controversial. He’s 100% correct. And also Kareem is obviously #1 and it’s not terribly close. Shaq would have the argument for almost any other franchise in NBA history. Lakers are different. The notion that Kareem’s ‘prime’ was behind him when he got to LAL is silly. he got to the Lakers during his prime and had 11 consecutive years of 20+ PPG. Only 2/11 top teir seasons with less than 79 games played and overall longevity only rivalled by LeBron, Jordan, Duncan.

Wilt the goat ill take him over shaq all day. Old wilt was a more athletic than shaq ever was.

Wilts best completion was Bill Russell, Shaq destroyed some of the best rim protectors of all time.

Longevity and accolades goes to Kareem but im taking Prime/peak Shaq over any other center

Same shaq Hakeem ran out of Orlando. Wilt Chamberlain vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | The Rivalry of NBA Gods - YouTube

What 4th year has ever led their team to a championship? None. Jordan didn’t win till he was in his 30s, Shaq in his third season and lead the league in PPG and was second in MVP

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Magic Johnson lol and he played center Kareem was hurt. Wilt and unseld won mvp and rookie of the year in there first year.

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You mean on one of the greatest teams of all time? Shaq on the Magic was him and sometimes Penny when he wasn’t in street clothes

Man you’re talking about the 60s and 70s, Wes won MVP with like 15 ppg

Lakers didn’t have worthy cooper and Kareem the 1980 team was showtime yet.

Jordan was 28 his first championship.

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So what I’m talking wilt plain and simple. Shaq has great and unstoppable for a 5 years wilt had more post moves than Olajuwon. Just because wilt came early in nba history doesn’t mean he wasn’t the best.

You can believe whatever you want there’s an argument to be made. But here are the centers from 1961-62:

Players strictly listed as Centers:​

Bill Russell C
Wilt Chamberlain C
Swede Halbrook C
Darrall Imhoff C
Ray Felix C
Wayne Yates C
Bevo Nordmann C
Walter Dukes C
Walt Bellamy C

The competition just seems fairly weak

You’re right not sure why that was in my head, but these stars don’t win immediately until they mature a bit and get a team built around them. I think a good example is Giannis

Also Cooper played his whole career with the Lakers, and Kareem was there before Magic

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